Teenage Pregnancy Is Not The Symbol Of A Broken Society Essay

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Teenage pregnancy is not the symbol of a broken society, claimed by many politicians, but can be a positive force for good. Despite a one-third decline since the early 1990s, the US still has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and birth among comparable countries. If the teen birth rate would have stayed at the 1991 level, then 1.2 million more children would have been born to teen mothers. 460,000 additional children would be living in poverty. 700,000 more children would be living in single-mother households. If a mother didn’t receive a high school diploma or GED, then a child’s chance of growing up in poverty is 7%. One media of teenage pregnancy portrays a girl in the movie, ‘Pregnancy Pact’ wanting to have a baby because it seemed like ‘a glamorous thing to do’. That statement alone proves that media today gives the ‘sugarcoated’ view of pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is portrayed in a negative light. For example, viewers see while watching both Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, that there is more to being on the show than just the ‘glitz and glam’. Teenage Pregnancy being portrayed in a negative way explains the trials that not only come with being a mom, but how being a teenage mother changes everything. The show Teen Mom shows the consequences of having to raise a baby as a young teenager. The consequences include: dropping out of school which then causes peer pressure, premature birth, and cause of depression which can lead to an unwanted child by having an abortion.…

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