Essay on Teenage Obesity : Tipping The Scales

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Teenage Obesity: Tipping The Scales
Currently, in America 35% of teenagers are overweight or obese. Obese teens are described as a person between the ages 12 and 19 that are 20% over their ideal body weight. Comparatively in 1980 5% of teens were obese however, in 2010 a survey showed that there is an 18% obesity rate. This is a 13% increase. The scariest factor is that in 2010 one third of teenagers were either overweight or obese. The major issues entwined with teens being obese lies in cardiovascular risk, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Teenage obesity leads to adulthood obesity. These adults do not know proper diet and exercise, therefore obese adults will not be able to teach their children proper eating and exercising habits leading to more childhood obesity rates. Unfortunately this turns into a never ending cycle.
Many will argue that teenage obesity is caused from social issues and health disadvantages starting at birth. These children were doomed by their genetics to be obese. There are those who believe that the leading cause of teenage obesity stems from social issues. The thought is that teenagers eat to cope with their problems. A person’s adolescent years may be the most difficult when it comes to social life. Teens can be pushed into a depressed state by teasing and hormones or a combination of both. Many teens find comfort in eating. This can lead to binge eating thus leading to weight gain. When teens become overweight they often times become more depressed…

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