Teenage Mom 's Doing It Right? Essay

2424 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
Teenage Mom’s Doing It Right? Wow! how cute does she look with her belly, will she know enough on how a baby can change your life and lifestyle you live everyday? The matter of fact that in or outside of home no one talks about situations that should be spoken to at the right age. Miscarried with your own child not knowing how to spill it and say it because it is embarrassing or maybe he or she may know already from right to wrong. Should school be in charge of educating kids about life changing situations or should it be the parents obligation? Teens do not know real life obligations besides what any other teen responsibility may be such as staying in from school to sleep, sports, trying to turn in homework on time, study for tests and to learn their hardest subjects they would be taking. Any ordinary teen can do just about whatever a teen can do but let’s take in mind now their are teen moms, is it a great idea to be a mom at a very young age and take all responsibilities an adult takes when it is the right time? It should not rise becoming a teen mom it should decrease, help out teens on what one should be aware not just having to take care of a baby but what diseases one can catch.
Congratulations! You look so cute with your belly, you will be such a great mom. Light skinned, standing tall at 5’0, physique, long dark brown hair with beautiful hazel eyes, freckles all over her face, beautiful girl always wore workout clothes, and brand clothes to school or any occasion…

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