Teenage Girls And Undergo Plastic Surgery Essay

1434 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Allowing teenage girls to undergo plastic surgery Plastic surgery and teens are words rarely ever heard together especially when it comes to the female gender. Since all through society and ongoing generations plastic surgery has been seen as a luxury only to those who are unhappy with their bodies or have the need to enhance certain features of their body. Girls from a young age to becoming full on teens go through a path of different changes in their physical appearance and in their state of mind. However not all changes are common or usual. What I mean is that not all teenage girls are the same some are born with deformities while others acquire some sort of condition during a certain period of their life time. Whatever the case might be those abnormal changes can truly cause severe conflicts along a teenage girls’ life. I believe that plastic surgery should be allowed to any girl dealing with any abnormalities so that they can have the life they yearn with self-love on their side. To anyone who has never heard about this issue I would introduce them first with my input on how it’s like to be a teenage girl. Even with no deformities or physical condition I get self -conscious from time to time. So I can’t imagine how any girl my age would feel if they did have any out of the norm physical appearance. Which would make them consider and take in mind plastic surgery is an adequate solution for teenage girls wellbeing. Rather than other problematic issues that could…

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