Teenage Drinking Solutions

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Overuse of alcohol is becoming a serious problem across the United States of America. Drinking is typically considered a problem if it is not being done responsibly or in moderation. Teenagers that choose to drink illegally often drink as much as they can hold, which can result in alcohol poisoning and memory deterioration. Teenagers do not drink in moderation; as a result, they drink much more than they can handle just to be “cool” in front of their friends. Drinking can be a problem in all age groups, but the worst problems arise in the younger generation. Teenagers that are drinking are not only harming themselves but also those around them. Lowering the drinking age would cause a significant increase in school dropouts and even deaths. …show more content…
A large amount of these emergencies are traffic accidents resulting from someone, often a teenager, driving under the influence of alcohol. Traffic accidents in which alcohol is a factor often end in at least one fatality. Usually, the drunk driver walks away with only a scratch while the innocent victim leaves in a body bag with a family mourning over the loss of their loved one. Many times the drunk driver is a teenager without a care in the world, but eventually, when they are sitting in a jail cell and it is too late to change anything, they begin to realize what tragedy they have caused. Underage drinkers, no matter the age, will be charged as an adult for the poor decisions they make. Teenage years are vital maturing and growing years; therefore, teenagers do not know how to make important decisions at such young ages. The younger a person is, the greater the impact that one bottle of beer will have on them. If the temptation of alcohol became legally available for teenagers then they would be more careless with their decisions affecting themselves and the people surrounding them. Teenagers that attended parties and had been drinking would rather look “strong” by saying they are fine to drive home when they really cannot even walk a straight line. The government should not put this huge temptation on this generation’s youth because it is not only affecting the drinker, but also everyone that person comes in contact with. Teenagers should remember to “drive sober, or get pulled over” because one drink could change their lives

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