Teenage Children Having Sex On The Family Household

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Teenage children having sex in the family household. The topic that is very much avoided and frowned upon by most American parents. Inevitably it is something that happens in many American households which can cause some unpleasant tension in the family. In this essay I will be talking about the topic of the article that I have read, the methods they used and how the results were found, what results were found, and my perspective on the topic and possible suggestions. First, you must understand what they are trying to find out. The topic of this article is to introduce the idea that there is a possibility that if American families are more open to the idea of their teenage children having sexual intercourse. For many years families have neglected the idea of their children having significant others sleep over or them knowingly having sex under the roof that they own. So, the question that Amy Schalet, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts is, what would it be like if things were different and the thought of children practicing sexual intercourse wasn 't such an awkward topic? If it’s something that causes complications in the family then if it were a more understandable topic it could lead to better and stronger bonds within the the family and a safer environment for safe and educated decisions when it does come to the teenagers having sexual intercourse. So to test this idea that it could affect relationships in the family

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