Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide
October 20, 2012

Introduction Every year, thousands of youth die in the Unites States and one million worldwide. Not from cancer or motor vehicle accidents by their own hand. For whatever reason they make that choice that they no longer want to live, and they take their own life. According to statistic, suicide has been known to be the third leading cause of death for young persons between the age of fifteen to twenty-four years; and it is the eleventh cause of death for persons of all ages in the United States. Many people think these are remote incidents, but they are not. Teen suicide is an epidemic that keeps on growing on daily basis. According
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Suicide is defined in textbook as the deliberate act of self-injury with the intent that the injury result in death (Hockenberry, 2007). Most experts differentiate between suicide ideation, suicide attempt and suicide. Suicide ideation involves a fixation with thoughts about committing suicide; suicide attempt is an intentional injury to self in an attempt to kill oneself but is unsuccessful and suicide is when one successfully plan and carried out killing of oneself. These terms will be used in the course of my paper. The center for disease control and preventions youth risk behavior surveillance survey found that 19 percent of high school students had seriously considered attempting suicide; 15 percent had made plans, and 9 percent attempted suicide (Langwith, 2008). Suicide constitutes the leading cause of death in 10 to 19 year olds, accounting for 1,921 deaths in 2002. Past review indicated that suicide is less common in children age 10 to 14, but with the current statistic showing that 300 children in this age group has been identify to have taken their own lives (Langwith, 2008). This is a sobering thought that the suicide rate among younger children has risen. In 2004, suicide was the third leading cause of death among youths and young adults age 10-24 years in the United States, accounting for 4,599 deaths (national center for health statistics, 2007). During 1990-2003, the combined suicide rate for person’s ages 10-24 years

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