What Is The Cause Of Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Many people start smoking for several reasons when they are younger, and then by the time they’re adults they’re already addicted. Young teens start smoking for some key reasons. One cause is to try to look ‘cool.’. Many believe they would look mature and older if they did and don’t realize the harm by smoking even once because it is so addictive. Peer pressure is also a relevant reason. Many give in and smoke to be ‘accepted’ by fellow classmates so they wouldn’t be looked at differently. Many are afraid to get made fun of if they don’t do something that everyone else does, like smoking or the use of any drug. If parents or elder siblings smoke at home the younger kid would think it’s okay and do it as well. When others around are smoking many also because …show more content…
Many believe the conception that smoking will help relieve stress which is a reason some do it. But the fact is that smoking doesn’t help relieve stress but may even increase it. There are many alternative ways that can help ease stress or make someone feel more relaxed. For example taking a walk , going to the beach or even taking a nap. Aside from effects to one 's health and behavior like getting irritated easily, so much money is wasted if someone always smokes. A cigarette pack is easily found at any drug store or gas station. One pack can be around thirteen dollars, and if one is addicted they can get through that one pack in a two day span. After one year of quitting one can save about seven thousand dollars. This money can be spent for someones house, child education or even a flight. After about two years of not buying cigarettes one can save around fifteen thousand dollars. https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/smoking-the-financial-cost . All the downsides, in my opinion outweigh anything else, so i believe smoking and using tobacco is not worth

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