Essay On Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned

Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned Think about the number of times you have passed an outside public area and the awful smell of cigarette some is filling the air. Worse yet, you inhale the secondhand smoke. While there is an overwhelming amount of evidence linking cigarette smoking to devastating diseases that may cause life-long debilitating disorders and even death, many still choose to smoke. Why then, would we not ban smoking in order to save peoples lives? In my point of view, I believe the government continues to ignore legislative proposals prohibiting smoking due to the legal and ethical issues surrounding the business of tobacco and individual constitutional rights. This is in spite of the fact that nicotine is a dangerous drug not only to those who smoke, but others through secondhand smoke. Illness due to smoking is also a financial burden to families as a result of loss in wages from not working that results in increased costs for healthcare.
The first and foremost reason to support my claim that cigarette smoking should be banned is that it is the “leading cause of preventable disease and death associated with
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For example, hotels, in the interest of their guests, ban smoking in their rooms. The hotel chains have mostly adopted antismoking rules governing a guest’s stay. They require a guest upon check-in to sign an affirmation that they understand that smoking may result in fines. This concept has spread into other businesses as well. Some businesses ban hiring employees who smoke. On the one hand these businesses may be loosing out on the benefits of highly qualified candidates, but on the other hand they are sending a message to their employees that they care about the health of their workers and are willing to risk the

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