The Effects Of Herbal Tobacco: Posema And E-Smoking

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According to google 42.1 million people in america use tobacco products. 480,000 of those people have died in the last year because of the effects of preventable diseases. just think about that, half of a million humans died because they couldn 't kick the addiction. There are many ways these people could have saved their life by just finding help by going to a doctor, talking to a friend or family member. Those people can help get a medicine like a nicotine patch, a placebo like herbal cigarettes. One method that is on the up rise is e-cigs, currently only used by 1% of the population but is still growing. And quitting is always an option by using step down programs or medicines like Cantix, that gives the effects of feeling sick when you smoke, this trains your head and body to think that when you smoke you 'll get sick. If anyone in this country uses excuses like “i need something in my hands” or “i need something in my lip to keep me …show more content…
It surprises me how preventable diseases that come with smoking are, yet people still feel the need to do it, Like emphysema and COPD. I feel personally if everyone that smokes never started smoking and took up a healthy habit like working out or a hobby, America would be in better health. Which may potentially lead to reduced cisis like unpaid loans because you wouldn 't have to pay those stores crazy taxes and you would be more susceptible to not getting as sick as others, healthy lungs lead to a healthy life. My offered solution to this is too just not pick up this habit. Don 't give in to anyone or anything pressuring you into these products your body will be thanking you at about 65 or 70 years old. is believed that tax revenue may go down if no one ever picked up a tobacco product but inhibiting a job at an older age would be higher because of the health risks would be

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