Teen Pregnancy In Southeast Asia

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We all know that teen pregnancy is not a new topic. This topic has been around for decades now. In the 1900s, marrying at a young age was a common practice because life efficiency was not so great. In addition, everyone depended on agriculture for a living. It was one of the foremost significant way to survive besides hunting. Therefore, with this in mind, marrying at a young age and having a big family meant being able to produce goods much faster and more efficiently. Having a big family, around five to nine children, is very important during this time period. If there are more people, there will be more help in the family. However, as the year progress to the 21st century, having a big family and marrying as a teen has gradually declined, …show more content…
Furthermore, not just in the United States, in some Asian countries, for example, Thailand. Thailand has one of the highest teen pregnancy rate in Southeast Asia. Based on the article, Thailand’s Teenage Pregnancy rate is ‘the highest’ in SE Asia, should schools have vending machine? It talk about how girls at the age of 15-19 are already a mother. In addition, compared to other Asian countries, there has been an increase of 43% in teen pregnancy. This caused the Public Health of Bureau and the health of education to come up with many ways to help prevent teen pregnancy. One way was to put condom vending machine in as many malls and schools as possible. Therefore, teens can assess safe and low-price condoms and this will help prevent teens pregnancy. Aside from teen pregnancy in Thailand and the U.S. According to a documentary, Unheard - Being A Teenage Mother In The Slums Of Thika, many girls dropped out of school after they have given births. In addition, only a small percentage of girls remains in school after they give births. However, some unlucky ones were forced to dropout from school by either the administrators, their parents, or their financial situation. In addition, most girls in Thika are put to shame because of their early pregnancy. Moreover, for the fear of bringing shame to the family, these girls’ family and relatives would abandon them. Therefore, girls who are having early pregnancy at such a young age have to deal with various

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