Teen Pregnancy Effects On The United States Essay

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“Teenage birth rates in the United States remain the highest and over one million teens that are pregnant are from the ages of fifteen to nineteen.” (Pregnancy Information For Teens, Second Edition) “There are nearly half a million teen births each year. Put another way, each hour nearly 100 teen girls get pregnant and 55 give birth.” (Not Just Another Single Issue) Teen pregnancy brings so many emotions to you. It can bring shame, denial, a lot of stress and even depression. A teen pregnancy could be one of the toughest experiences a girl can go through because it requires you to grow up almost immediately. Your options and choices may be different depending on your situation. The one thing that every pregnant teen should have in mind always is that no matter what you can do anything you set your mind to and a baby will not be an obstacle. First of all, once a teen becomes pregnant her whole world changes; she has a different view of everything around her. Many teens go through 4 traumatic emotional aspects during their pregnancy. When teen girls realized that they are pregnant, they acknowledge the pregnancy but deny the lifestyle changes or healthy behavior and they start to do bad habits such as smoking or drinking to diminish the depressed phase. (Emotional Effects of Teen Pregnancy) When teenagers realize they are pregnant they also realize they have to tell their parents if the girl lives with their parents. Pregnant teenage girls sometimes feel like they…

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