Teen Parenthood And Domestic Violence Essays

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Soldier Up

I came into this world way ahead of schedule at 28 weeks weighing only 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Prior to my delivery, the doctor told my mom I would have a 50/50 chance for survival. However, I would most likely be petite, have a failure to thrive, possible intellectual disabilities and may also be blind. All my mother heard was, “...there was a chance…” She prayed to God to let me live and be healthy, and He could do whatever he wanted with me.
“Soldier Up”.
I have been through many battles some of these one may recognize: teen parenthood, domestic violence, chronic illness, illness of a child, building a home, divorce. Apprenticed in many duties: caregiver, single mother, minster, hotel general manager, mental health provider, youth counselor.
I am not my battles, I am not a victim and I am not the duties or apprenticeships I have been given. They were merely the bootcamp of life, simply the training I would require in future of God’s plan to assist the people I am called as a Chaplain to light the way for. It is my calling as a Chaplain to use the gift of discernment to see the good, the gifts, and the strengths in people. After having experienced so many apprenticeships , I am able to discern where those gifts might be used.
I am merely a soldier of Christ who has lived through many battles with God-given grace and has strengthened my faith by giving it all over to God, learning from each experience and in learning, establishing a routine of self-care . In caring…

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