Technology 's Impact On Education Essay

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The Future for Education: Technology’s Impact On Education Education, the form of acquiring knowledge based upon previous works and discoveries in the past. Education has formed the basis for our daily social lives, but it is not the only interest which has shaped our society. As we are currently in the century of technological advancements, the ideal of implicating technology in the educational system has formed. The action of combining technology into education has given an impact of benefits, shown in the success of online courses, the improvements technology contributes to schools, and the experience it provides students for the future workplace. Though technology has led to several benefits in education, it has also caused issues, being that low-income families are unable to afford technology in their homes. To fix these issues, organizations are allocating students with technological devices and internet connection. Beginning with online educational courses, the success of these courses represent technology’s benefits. Online educational courses have a success rate for the reason being they have a large growth percentage in enrollment and have allowed students to be “pursuing a level of learning not previously accessible or affordable for many” (Bartos 7). In the article, “How Online Innovators Are Disrupting Education”, authors Jason Orgill and Douglas Hervey claim advances in technology allow innovation in online educational courses. Statistics from the 2010…

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