Technology Undermines Communication Essay

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Introduction It is the year 2016 and mankind has come so far, from the days of letter writing to telegrams and the invention of the telephone. We have achieved so much with the help of technology, allowing us to have the means to easily communicate with someone half way around the world at any given time. However, some may argue that technology has actually brought people apart rather than bringing them together. Today, I will attempt to find out whether technology undermines communication or does it enhance it.
Mobile phones We live in an age whereby technology has allowed us to create mobile phones that are not only lighter, slimmer and smaller compare to their predecessors but is also capable of many other functions. With the help of
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According to Steve Bennett. "The Internet has revolutionised the way we work, play, entertain ourselves and do our shopping. Such a global network allows co-operation between individuals, companies and organisations around the world. On a social level, it seems that far more friendships have been made than lost due to the Internet, as Net surfers communicate with a far wider range of people than would normally be possible."(Wiggins, …show more content…
Many people around the world has been a victim of cyber bullying in a form or another, cyber stalking, harassment and impersonations are just a few examples. A book titled Cyberbullying by (Kowalski, Limber and Agatston, 2012) indicated that cyber bullying has become more relevant over the years due to the increase of online activities. It is as dangerous if not more compared to traditional bullying as the victims may not be the only one affected by the bullying but also the victims ' friends and family. Therefore, it can be said that although the internet has brought about a new age of communication, there are still negative factors about it and one can only learn to be prepared to avoid them or handle them properly when needed to.
Language barrier Language has always been a problem for those who love to travel to foreign countries, however, with the help of technology, a product known as "Pilot" could benefit frequent travelers. Pilot is a set of earpiece developed by Waverly Labs, it allows the translation of conversions between two people of different languages and is able to toggle between various different languages. Soon, language barriers would be a thing of the past thanks to such an invention. (Farag, 2016)

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