Technology Makes Us A Bit Lazy Essay

2085 Words Nov 18th, 2016 9 Pages
Technology, no doubt, make us a little lackadaisical ; however, technology does great things like enhancing our experience as related to science and helping us come to important conclusions quicker.
Technology makes us a slight bit lazy. No doubt about that. I mean we have calculators, cars that drive by themselves and phones that do absolutely everything we could ever need them to do. Every time a new phone or a new generation of a phones comes out I really think to myself, “What more could we possibly need?” but apparently we do need more because something new is put on these phones with each generation. Things like 3D touch and front facing flash with a better camera. Do we actually need these things? I do not think so. I was living fine without 3D touch and a front facing flash on my phone. But they sure do make life better. They make things easier. I do not have to go through the trouble of unlocking my phone and going to messages to check my messages. Instead, I just hard click the message on my lockscreen and the whole entire message thread comes up. So convenient. But at the same time, I did not really think having to go through all the steps as a problem before I got a phone with 3D touch. Like I said, I was fine.
Some people think technology is good and others think technology is bad for us. I think technology is good, we just have to use it in the right ways. We do not need self driving cars. That is ridiculous.What is so hard about driving a car that you need a…

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