Technology Is The 21st Century Essay

1449 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
It is the 21st century. Everywhere I turn I can see the world mesmerized by their mobile devices, and other types of technology. How cool is it that I can instant message my boyfriend from Riverside or see how my friend is doing living in San Francisco, thanks to Facebook, Instagram and other types of social media. Is it not amazing that with a push of a button people can have everything at their fingertips? The concept of social interaction through technology is incredible, but ultimately the outcome is not doing any good to the people who have become obsessed with the virtual world. Those who have become addicted to the new social encountering do not realize the damage it is causing outside of the virtual world. Perhaps two of the biggest negative changes of this new technology is when searching for a romantic partner and the lack of communication in the real world. First and foremost, online dating can be seen anywhere from magazines to adds on the television persuading readers that, you too can find your perfect match using such site, but there are dangers that follow. Many times the person one is engaging conversation with can potentially be a fake. There is also the idea of being abused in an online relationship. In addition the idea of technology taking over lives effects the way humans interact with each other. People prefer to be focused on the virtual world than the real world causing a lack of communication. To introduce the topic, the world of relationships…

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