Technology Is Not A Bad Thing Essay

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Technology is used constantly throughout the world. Without technology we really wouldn 't be anywhere in this world. We would be living in the stone ages till this day. People nowadays rely too much on technology constantly every single day. If anything was to happen to technology the world wouldn 't know what to do without it and we would all go crazy. However, Technology is not a bad thing. It helps us daily through every single thing that we do. Technology has made it extremely helpful for everything that this world does from giving off a little bit of light, to building a city from the help of humans.

Without technology the world would probably be crazy. In the twenties was our biggest year ever for technology. In the twenties almost everything we use today was invented from the simple toaster over to the harder more complicated things such as a television. The modern television was built and manufactured in 1925. Technology is technically anything that is not man made. For example even a bowl is some type of technology. It was made from technology, designed from technology and created from technology.

Cell phones are probably one of the most popular technologies, which is used by 90% of American adults since June of 2013. Thats a lot of people, to be exact it is three hundred eight million people. Cell phones took a long process to become where they are today, we went to really "slow" and “ugly” phones to pretty nice phones that are almost instantly…

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