Technology Is An Inevitable Part Of Our Society

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Technology Definition
Lindsey Lyman
English 2010
Professor John Belk
Technology changes drastically with the growth of each day, and with this, our life also adjusts back and forth. Technology is now an inevitable part of our society. We all rely on technology; it is like a ordinary part of our life that helps in our day-to-day activities. Our environments are all so full of technology; most of the time we take it for granted and never actually acknowledge the level of impact that it has on us.
Technology is the collection of techniques, methods, skills, and processes used in the production or advancement of goods or services or in the achievement of objectives. Technology is not naturally occurring, allowing people to replace the something old with something new. Although technology is not perfect it is striving to become closer to perfection by research and application. By doing this they are altering the way a mechanism to improve it and make it easier or more effective to use for the future. Whether it’s cutting out unnecessary steps that make the processes longer or adding it steps to make the processes more accurate. Technology has had a positive influence in many fields including medical, industrial, writing, and transportation. Although the short list I have provided does not even brush the surface of all of the drastic improvement technology has provided. Technology change, without a doubt, is often an enabler that allows continuous improvement.
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