Technology Is An Essential Part Of Everyday Life Essay

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There is no hiding the fact that technology is quickly advancing in today’s society. Over the years, the use of technology has dramatically increased leading to a greater demand for technology within classroom environments. According to Using Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning in American Literature Courses, “Computer technology and other electronic learning tools have become the phenomenon of this era” (Dwaik, Jweiless, & Shrouf, 2016, p,127). This current generation of students are growing up in an era where technology is an essential part of everyday life. When it comes time for these students to attend college and obtain jobs, a critical factor will be whether or not they are able to properly utilize technology. Therefore, it is necessary for all students to be exposed to a variety of technologies at a young age, especially within classroom settings, as this will allow for exposure to technologies and advance learning. There are many factors that play a role in properly utilizing the available resources within a classroom environment. How can technology be used effectively? Are there times when technology is not needed within a learning environment and can be over powering for either students or teachers? Through this study, three different teachers will be interviewed in order to gain their perspectives and comfort level on technology in the classroom; the resources that are effective; and ways in which technology enhances communication.
Technology is…

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