Technology Is An Effective Tool Essay

1466 Words Nov 6th, 2015 6 Pages
Almost everyone attends a school at one time in their life, whether the classroom includes technology or not. Research shows that technology isn’t used as often as one might think. The article, “High Access and Low use of technology in High School Classrooms” illustrates the use of technology by stating that only one in ten of elementary and middle school teachers are daily users of computers (Cuban, Kirkpatrick, Peck). Most schools now have classrooms that use technology throughout the entire class time and even at home to do homework. Although some people might agree with the use of technology in class, it is more harmful to the students than useful. It can cause many distractions, it can be difficult to use and can take away from learning time. People are convinced that technology is an effective tool that will further learning. This can be true, but when students use tablets or different devices in class for an hour or more every day the student will no longer be focused on schoolwork. Most students already have a hard time focusing in class without technology because it is unexciting to them. So by giving students technology that they can access other activities on to entertain themselves, makes it seem like schools are encouraging students to find something to fixate their attention on instead of being focused on class. The teachers cannot watch what every student is doing behind their tablets and the students know this, therefore they take advantage of it. Who…

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