Technology Is A Tool For Communication Essay

762 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine yourself at a significant social event, such as a wedding, where the majority of individuals are scattered around, seated and staring down at their technological devices, preoccupied and isolated in their own world, even though they’re surrounded by masses of their family and friends celebrating a beautiful occasion. This is quickly becoming a normal occurrence, when people are more focused on trying to capture and upload the perfect photo of the bride and groom to upload to Facebook or Twitter, rather than just simply enjoying the event in real-time. Likewise, more often than not, you encounter couples that are out on a date together, yet neither of them even glances in the direction of the other, as they’re too mesmerized with their mobile devices checking-in on Facebook or struggling to get the perfect picture of their meal. This robotic, faceless and impersonal form of communication we will experience in today’s society was not the intention of manufacturers when they developed today’s communiqué devices. With that being said, while modern technology is a superlative tool for communication, it still lends way to the normalization of individuals who happily exist whilst sitting idly by and simply existing through a few of life’s memorable occasions. Moreover, modern technology contributes to the increase of social seclusion and loneliness, while advances in technology such as cell phones, destroy interpersonal communications, several wonder in what way such…

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