Technology Has Its Pros And Cons Essays

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Power abuse — no matter what country you 're in — happens, and there’s always that group of people who speak up for those who can’t. Mahatma Gandhi was one of those people who did speak up to promote change — his famous saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi).
New technology helps minimize the abuse of power, so it 's no longer a battle of he said, she said; now the public can have a way of knowing happened without the truth getting skewed. A prime example of this is police brutality getting caught on camera, It keeps us connected with the rest of the world even if we’re not there we are still aware of what’s going on and can voice our opinions, in an attempt to see justice for example the “Black Lives matter” movement. Technology has its pros and cons, the pros outweigh the cons which do not necessarily mean that the cons are to be overlooked; “As with any large scale human activity, if enough people are involved eventually someone will do something corrupt or malicious. That’s a drawback of having more data gathered” (Singer 464).We are basically handing over our privacy having no idea how much of it we’re actually giving away but to say that us signing up for social media is bad for us would be hypocritical, it just depends on how we choose to use it. Justice and freedom of expression are one of the pros of this technological era; it allows people from all over to support each other in a time of need and start…

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