Essay about Technology Has Impacted On College Students

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“How many inches are in a foot?” A relatively easy question, yet you will see many people reach for their phone to get the answer. Is this due to their lack of intelligence, memory, or maybe their lack of confidence regarding their answer? Regardless, one cannot deny the large role technology plays within our society. Calculators, computers, and even phones have become a large part of our society, especially in our colleges. With the rise of technology use in these colleges, it has changed not only how they are run, but the current generation of our students. Technology has become an everyday tool for college students, whether it be how they communicate with their peers, staying connected to family and friends, or the way they learn and how.
Communication, this may be one of the largest things technology has impacted on college students. They are able to use tablets, computers, and even phones to have face to face virtual interaction. Where once students had to meet up for study groups, they can now participate in study groups 100 miles away from one another. In addition, students are able to begin conversations without being forced to say hello in person first. They can put the name of the person they hold the desire to talk to in a search engine and add them on social networks, from there they can send messages, video chat, and even send invites to events. Anthony Martinez, a 20-year-old college student, moved to Sacramento from Modesto. When he arrived he did not know a…

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