Pros And Cons Of Technology: Good Or Bad?

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Technology? Good or Bad
The articles “Can texting develop other writing skills” by Tina Barseghian and Liraz Margalit’s “What screen time can do to kids brains” bring an interesting look into the world of what happens to our brains when technology is being used. Both articles specifically talk about touch screens like phones and tablets. These are things that have become necessary in everyday life. While this type of technology has only been around for about ten years, it has taken over almost every aspect of our lives. The con of this, is that since it is so new there have not been many studies on how these screens affect us neurologically. Margalit and Barseghian do this by pinpointing the ages in our lives where technology affects us the most. Margalit focus on children under the age of two, while Barseghian gives more of a pro/con list of how
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In 2016 54% of students had access to a school issued computing device. This has a lot of pros, for example it helps eliminate paper. Since textbooks are mostly online, or are not being used at all. Bargasian says that “Students’ mobile devices are legitimate platforms for writing.” (Bargasian 1)The con of this, is that it is very easy to get distracted. In schools that have 1:1 technology some teachers believe the attention is never on them. Don’t underestimate the power of technology in a student's hand. A lot of us grew up with some form of technology and we know how to use it very well. It makes commenting easier, fixing mistakes easier. It puts a world of knowledge at our fingertips. While it is up to the student how this technology is used, it can be a win/win situation. Learn to taking valuable notes and information of a computer or learn what happens when you don’t pay attention. You can not force a student to learn, you have to let them make the mistakes and learn from

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