Essay about Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Throughout our daily lives, technology has been a major part, whether it may have been through our cell phones, computers, and even the pencil. These advancements in technology has made it easier to gain access to all sorts of information. We have gone from the limitation of the pencil to the utilization of newer technologies such as the laptop. They have also changed the way in which students all over, learn in and out of the classroom. Some would argue, that technology has taken a hold on our lives, limiting our willingness to learn necessary skills due to our reliance on technology. Although, there are arguments for both sides regarding the positives and negatives of technology, I have found many evidence through my research, arguing its benefits.
My experience with technology has varied from one discipline/ field to the next. In elementary school, I was taught to do math without a calculator, forcing me to learn the methods needed to find my answer. Upon arriving to high school, we are given calculators to find answers, hindering your chances of attempting to learn how to truly find the answer to a question. Also, in some classes you are forced not to use technology to take notes, minimizing your distractions and forcing you to become engaged in the class and participate. This has affected my writing in both negative and positive ways. Not using technology in the classroom, has forced me to work harder to grasp what is being taught while its use has made the process…

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