Technology Expository Essay

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How Technology Affects Our Lives
Christopher David McCray
COM 150
January 20, 2012
Karen Shively

How Technology Affects Our Lives

Have you ever wondered how much different life would be without the continued study and advancement in technology? A lot of conveniences that we now know and cannot imagine living without make our lives easier and more comfortable. Technology is helping the world stay connected and grow at an alarming rate. Today technology is being used in ways that were not imaginable thirty to forty years ago. Technology is now being used to make advances in the field of medicine, fine better ways to produce clean energy, and needless to say it creating a more efficient and effective work force.
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Since the invention of the telephone by Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, and the invention of the cell phone by Martin Cooper communication in society would never be the same. The telephone/cell phone makes communication easier and faster compared to how people use to communicate within the last century; which was usually by or letter. Being able to make a call makes anyone accessible at almost any time, especially when you have cellular phones in mind. With cellular phones you are able to call from home, work, indoors, outdoors, while traveling, and basically anywhere you have a signal. Not to mention the capability of sending text messages, instant messages, video conferencing. Many cell phones today also have email capabilities, which is a major form of technological communication. It is said that some 90 trillion emails are sent per year, and this further confirms how technology enhances and helps shape our lives. Electronic mail is both effective, saves time and saves companies and individual money. One hundred years ago electronic mail did not exist so you had to send all mail, whether personal or business through a postal carrier of some sort. This could have taken days or weeks depending upon how far the mail had to travel, not to mention the possibility of it being lost. Today those of us who use email no longer have to write, we type

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