Technology, Educational And Non Educational Purposes Essay

841 Words Feb 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Students in today’s society commonly use technology for both “educational and non-educational purposes.” (Daniel, 2015) Technology has a significant impact in not only the present society, but also the educational systems in an advancing society. The influence of technology in the classroom greatly impacts student’s education as they are surrounded by so much technology in their daily lives. In the present society, students must be able to keep pace in a world full of advancing technology and new information. As technology advances in society, so will the information that students learn every day, and students will need to be educated with the world around them to survive in society. (Gwenn 2015)

With the growth of online classes in today’s educational systems, students are able to learn material just as easily as if they were in an actual classroom. If a student wasn’t proficient in the use of the technology used in their online class, lacking that knowledge would inhibit their ability to perform well in their class. While taking online classes is convenient for many people, without being educated in technology in the first place, it would become impossible. Imagine a scenario where a person came from a school where they never used a computer before, and they were to transfer to a school where computers were a common tool in their assignments. They would be likely to do very poorly in that school because they lacked the required knowledge of the technology used. The…

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