Essay on Technology And The Online Learning

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Innovations of Technology Applicable to Online Learning
Technological advancements have enabled online learning to develop and become a higher preferred method of education. With the accumulation of advanced computers and high-speed internet, we have the competences to be able to take advantage of the innovations of online learning. With programs like Blackboard and Canvas, the abundant of resources available and the facilitation of instructors, students can be successful in this environment.
Within the article by Zanetta Jansen entitled “Innovations in Technology and the Online Learning Environment,” there examples of these advancements and the advantages of online learning over traditional in-class settings. Jansen examines the participation in an online setting, including the benefits of higher technology, along with the requirements students and teachers must possess to have attainment. Throughout her study, Jansen invigorated the ability of remote locations such as places in Africa, being able to advance their educational capabilities through online learning. Within her research specifically from her studies with Africa, there is some text to pinpoint “In Africa, with the support of technology such as computers and software packages, that ‘link up’ people from villages to schools and from homes to university campuses, the possibility for improved learning and social interactions may be realised.” What she is saying is that with this improved technology and…

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