Technology And Technology Essay

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In conclusion, teachers need to find a happy medium between implementing technology and other styles of teaching. When you use a variety of learning styles within the classroom setting, students are more likely to learn and retain the information. One of the conclusions from the data is that there are times when technology enhances lessons, and times when technology is not necessary. This is proven by the amount of hours that teachers access technology on a daily basis as well as a result of research from (Bjorklund, Rehling, Tompkins, & Strom, 2012). Interactive technology is being used in a manner that is not overpowering to the teachers or students. The classroom teacher is the one that determines this, but most teachers are not using …show more content…
Implementing technology changes the classroom dynamic by encouraging students to be actively involved, engaged in conversations, and learn in a variety of styles. This is where our society is headed. As teachers we need to embrace and implement it, or the administration is going to find other teachers who are willing to do so. Research shows that the most effective resources include, but are not limited to, Smartboards, iPads, Chrome Books, laptops, etc. This conclusion was also a result of (Strayer, 2012). The interviewed teachers claim that students are more willing to participate and engaged in learning when using some of these resources. It is proven that the amount of years experience a teacher has does not directly affect the accessibility teachers have to resources. Budget plays more of a role in the accessibility of resources than experience. This is proven by (Sundeen & Sundeen, 2013). Higher grade levels may have greater access to resources because older students are able to use the resources more …show more content…
Therefore, it is important to determine what works for you and your students and stick with that. All classes will be different, but you have to find what works vs. what doesn’t. When you have access to the resources utilize them. They should not be used all day, every day to teach every lesson. However, they should be incorporated in some way throughout different lessons. As teachers we need to mix up our teaching strategies more in order to hold the students interest and keep things fresh in our classroom. We must also model what we are doing and provide students with a clear set of expectations of how to act and what they should be doing while utilizing the

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