Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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Technology Everywhere Over the years, technology has advanced exponentially. Evidence of technology use is everywhere; whether you are eating at a restaurant or shopping at your local store it is common to see someone with a cell phone, an IPod, or maybe a mini IPad or tablet. Students today rely on the Internet for homework information, whereas in the past students relied on dictionaries, the library, and atlases. If a person is going on a road trip, instead of a map they refer to a GPS for directions. There are several reasons for technologies’ rise in popularity: it has become affordable, user friendly, and portable. When different pieces of technology first became available to the public it was expensive and rare. Personal computers first became available to the public in 1957. There was only one type of computer available for a person to purchase and it was called the IBM 610 Auto Point computer with the price of fifty-five thousand dollars (Cruz, 2009). Only one hundred and eighty were produced. For the reason that these computers were so rare and so expensive, they were only found in offices and colleges. The first long distance phone was created in 1885, and the distance of the phone line was from New York to Philadelphia. The first cell phone was the Motorola DynaTAC x8000 with of price of three thousand nine hundred ninety-five dollars (Meyers, 2011). The first television was available in the 1930’s with a price of seventy-nine dollars and an extra cost…

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