Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

1829 Words Dec 6th, 2014 8 Pages
The main focus on this generation is all the technology that is being produced and advanced. A lot of companies like Apple, HP and several phone companies are all competing to make the better technology than the other and that why it is becoming a huge focus around the world. Fifty years ago this was the car company trying to produce the best running cars but now they are still doing that but they are also trying to get the best technology mixed with a good car. Everyone sees the benefits of technology, but they don’t focus on the disadvantages. There are many factors of technology that affect the American people. These factors of technology that affect us need to be brought because it is important to know how technology is negatively affecting society. These negative factors are dependency, isolation, poor etiquette, and job loss.
Our dependency on technology is one of the main things that is negatively affecting todays society. Before the age of technology you would have to walk over to the library and look through a dictionary for something you need or you would have to go to the store and buy a paper map to make sure you knew where you were going. Now we have smart phones for maps and we can go on Google and just look up anything we need to know. We now have our lives centered on technology and there is an increasing dependency. If anything goes wrong we think that we will not be able to go on without it. One thing that I learned when my family had to get rid of cell…

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