Technology And Its Impact On Education Essay

1258 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
The use of technology is being practiced more frequently in education then the vintage hand writing. Today, schools are more and more likely to have assignments due online. People will usually consider that technology is undoubtedly been a more convenient way to do things; however, some claim that the practice of technology has actually been beneficial. The argument is that technology such as computers are more than just an alternative, but is actually more efficient while the person is able to use the most out of his or her resources. In education, the argument can be made that the most important thing is not what is necessarily easier to do for the student, but what will actually challenge the student to critically think on their own. The ability to be able to critically think is one of the fundamental reasons why people go to school in the first place. Once one acquires knowledge, the next step is being able to know when and how to put into practice the knowledge they’ve acquired. And in order for someone to know when to apply what they have learned, one must be able to critically think. Technology in some ways seem to only give people the answers, and prevents people from distinguishing the answer on their own. It seems that technology has prevented us from being able to critically think for ourselves, and is primarily used for its ease of use and nothing more.
In the article, “Effects of Technology on Critically Thinking in Essay Writing Among…

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