Why Do We Depend On Technology

Technology as we know it today is taking over our daily lives in every aspect. Most of us can’t go a day without using some form of technology to help get us through our daily routines. We’ve become accustom to having it around us and so used to having it by our sides to aid us with even the simplest of daily tasks. I personally could see myself getting through a days worth of work without technology, but it would just make my day that much longer and that much more inconvenient. If you look at it this way are we relying on technology more than we should be? In Nicholas Carr’s piece “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he produces the question of wether technology could be aiding our progression as humans or taking away from the fundamentals of …show more content…
I often find myself going to the internet for almost everything. Why waste a resource we created and just forget about it? We have to take advantage of what we created, and the internet is essentially a collaboration of our societies thoughts and knowledge. Technology has become a part of my everyday life, I shouldn’t rely on it as much as I do but I can see how it has helped me in furthering my education. The generation we live in today just sees technology differently than older generations. It’s a part of our everyday lives since we grew up having it, while to an elder it is more of a luxury to have.
 Google isn’t quite making us stupid. In my own opinion I stand on the fact that it is moving our society towards a new age of thinking. Even with google you still need to be able to get immersed in a piece of text once and awhile even if it’s the most impossible thing for you to do. You can miss valuable information that google can’t always provide, But with google we may take on it’s qualities and only store the useful information we need and leave out the useless things that only take up valuable sanctions of memory. Our brains are just conforming to today’s society and changing for the benefit of progression. The way we think now is almost entirely different than how someone thought a hundred years ago. We need to have the ability to accept change and move on to bigger and better things, without the ability to change we wouldn 't be able to move forward. This massive database of information we call the internet, or google as Carr refers to it as is the next big move for our generation. We are becoming accustom to having it part of our daily lives and it is making us more intelligent and efficient. It may be taking away from one skill of being able to get immersed into a piece of writing but is adding to the skill of being able to gather multiple

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