Value Of Critical Thinking

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Nowadays there are many methods for teaching the future. Teachers use different strategies such as Common Core and Critical Thinking; both have different values that are very useful to teaching young learners. Common Core outlines a student’s abilities in both math and English determine to what needs to be taught and what the student should be able to accomplish by the end of the year. Critical Thinking is an analysis or rational thinking to form a type of judgment. Both are very useful tools in present teaching methods in schools. Personally, both can provide a good foundation in learning and could be very effective if taught right. I find Critical Thinking to be useful not only in schools, but everyday life. Both can prepare people to make …show more content…
This allow myself to critically think I must remember that formats, and flow, of my high school lessons, and expand them in my college essays. After hearing different points of views from peers, not every student has had the same skill level that was taught in high school. Thankfully, my school has such a positive community; I was taught many different methods that have advanced me in my writing for college. My high school had a very harsh grading system, and focused essays more on rhetorical devices, rather than personal essays or point of vary papers. It would be a sin to add a pronoun in the essay because it would result in a lower grade. Based on that, I have come into college with a positive aspect that my previous writing skills were very well developed, and the Critical Thinking that was done for every essay prompted me to write very well. I feel that high school has taught me very well and I have grown from my very first essay to now. Throughout the last few years in school, I hope to achieve many different goals. I hope to do better in academics than I did in high school and not slip by just to pass. I would love to achieve better grades and learn different skills, though I would have to use every skill taught such as Critical Thinking. I hope to use my rational judgment to skillfully advance on my essays. I would like to achieve a …show more content…
Over the past few years it seems that I do the same things every day, almost like a schedule. I find myself in college, not doing the same thing every day. I have routine classes but I never find myself bored. College proves to be a new challenge to use Critical Thinking, simply because I can experience new things. It’s as if college was built in order to keep the flow going and encourage students to step outside their own comfort zone. I could not ask for anything different from this university because of how bold it has become, besides parking. I find myself making different decisions than I would have in past years. I find that the use of Critical Thinking in the past few months have shaped my mind to become a better student. I have gained responsibilities now, such as working and bills. Though Critical Thinking is not new to me, I find myself engaging it more over the start of my college experience than ever before. In my own opinion, college has widened my aspect of Critical Thinking, and given me new ways to put it in use. When I first was introduced into Critical Thinking in my earliest years of high school, I discovered that I was not using Critical Thinking to its full potential, and thought it was just another lesson. I did not realize then, but now I see that every choice or judgment I had made was based on a new skill

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