Technology And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Just around 443,000 people each year die from lung disease or from lung cancer linked to smoke produced from cigarettes. Smoking has been around for thousands of years, so it has been killing people for just as many years. Todays technology we can subsantially reduce the number of deaths a year. A small handheld device called an e-cigarette or vaporizer pen there is no smoke involved with it, it is just water vapor being created. People mistake these pens as being harmful. Vapor pens are not bad for you. they cannot create smoke and the harmful toxins that cigarettes have in them. In the Urban Dictionary, the definition under vape pens or vaporizer pens is “Vaping, meaning inhaling the vapor produced by a personal vaporizer pen or electronic cigarette.” (1) Vaping is a modern day term used by people who use these e-cigs. Vape pens are just the same. They have been around for only seven years, and in those seven years there has only been a handful of studies done on them, most of them on college students. Those handful of studies done none of them were able to successfully prove that vape pens were bad for who are of age to use the devices. Now of course, like anything that produces a smoke like form that goes into your lungs, it is not for toddlers or young children and should be kept out of their reach at all times.
That is why states have made it illegal for those people under the age of eighteen to purchase them and they do a good job at making sure these pens cannot…

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