Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

771 Words Apr 19th, 2015 4 Pages
The use of electronics has become more and more prevalent within the past 20 years and has caused a social shift in our society. While many argue both cases; that being, technology has great benefits, or that technology has very little to no beneficial factors. Personally, I believe technology and the use of electronics have been beneficial in many ways, but it has also caused a major shift in the ability for people to socialize and connect with other people on an emotional level. There are so many electronic distractions such as televisions, cell phones, computers, and mp3 players, which contribute to a non-social movement.

For instance, cell phones, everyone has one and no one leaves home without it. Rightly so, how would you call someone in case of an emergency? Or call, to wish your elderly grandmother a happy birthday? Cell phones are a magnificent invention. Along with being a magnificent invention, it has also created a monster. Since the original car phone that was created in the 1980’s, the technology of cell phones has come so far. On your cell phone you cannot only make a simple call, but you can send an email, post on the world wide web, take pictures, and much more. Many times while I am away at a restaurant eating dinner, I notice time and time again of people using their cell phones while out at dinner, whether it’s with family and friends, or on a date. It has gotten so bad to where people have created a game where whoever picks up their phone first at…

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