Technology And Human Manual Labor Essay

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In the name if technology we started the morning of this new era. It was not an abrupt process but a gradual change from wheel to modern Mercedes. In all these decades of change, there was a mix of technology and human manual labor to strike a balance for the advancement of humans. Never in the history do we come to see a point where humans abandoned their physical practices and completely rely on technology to drive the society and never will over-dependence give humans the benefit to advance in developments.

Indeed humans have built their world on creativity. Creativity has been the backbone of advancement, of new ideas and thoughts , of desire to achieve new heights and provide new solutions, With over-dependence on technology , there will be considerable drain of this creativity, When everything will work on a simple push of a button , will humans have the desire to renew its mental ability and think outside the machine? The developments in past in almost every field have seen men wanting for natural surrounding to come with profound ideas, Indian scholars and artists strongly advocated for an environment for free flow of ideas.Scholars like Ranbindar nath Tagore chose shanti-niketan for a learning to bring forth the creativity of children.

surrounding the sphere of creativity is the skills of humans. Skills are tools which humans develop with the course of time. looking back in the reality of human history , evidences can be collected which point to the fact that…

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