Technology And Cyberbullying Has Become A Huge Problem Essay example

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Technology and cyberbullying has become a huge problem in our day and age. “Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying can happen anytime and anywhere with the aid of digital devices.” (Uhls). With this much negativity it can make a place a really toxic, especially if the community you are a part of is the main cause of all of it. An individual would want to join a community to become friends with one another, yet seeing all the problems going on it would just drive the potentially new fan away. Changing the way things are going right now will be hugely appreciated. If someone just shows a positive attitude online, then it will be copied by others. It would be copied so much to the point where the bullying is no longer a problem.
Back in 2013, I joined this community. This community follows alongside these famous YouTubers that play video games for a living. It was something that I just love to do. This community was supposed to let me share the love I had for these YouTubers, and make friends. What I did not know at the time was there was a lot of bullying going on, and there still is. Why has this not been stopped? Well, because everyone is unaware that they are a part of the “Bystander Effect” (Zimbardo). We just watch the bullying happen and nothing is done in fear we could be the next victim. Seeing all the rude and snarky comments each and every time I log onto any form of social media that my community is a part of, has made it to be a not so fun place to be apart…

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