Techfite Case Study

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With TechFite’s new establishment in Dellberg, it is necessary to establish a set of policies that will encourage growth and trust between the company and its employees as well as the surrounding community. As a company that prides itself on being actively involved in its communities well-being, the first policy I will be introducing is one promoting the support between TechFite and its surrounding environment. With a core value of the company being community involvement, it is important to make sure that the well-being of your community is taken seriously. The more an environment prospers; the more the company will as well. Taking an active role in the community shows the people that one is willing to take a stand and support them, which …show more content…
Supporting the community will show the people that they mean well and are willing to pull their own weight. Doing these things immediately is an effective way to quickly gain a good impression and promote a suitable future for everyone. The benefit of having a dependable reputation is well worth the work required by TechFite. As a consumer, we appreciate companies that give back and do good for the community, the citizens of Dellberg will appreciate the effort and will often choose to support them back. In this way, being socially responsible is helping their public image. Another side effect of social responsibility may be the development of corporate partnerships between other companies. Other well-established companies will be paying attention to the arrival of a new company like TechFite. Seeing their desire to help the community may open up partnerships and desirable opportunities for TechFite’s …show more content…
Keeping employees engaged in the community and helping one another will ultimately lead to happier employees and better respect for the company. Not only will promoting these activities help the community but ultimately one 's own employees. As a company that prides itself on community involvement, TechFite has shown signs of struggle to perform many, if any, public services. With a core belief that the community is of great importance, it is clear that TechFite is committed to bettering the community but due to funding limitations, that have prevented them from adhering to these values. The solution would not be to begin involvement with the community because that does not appear to be the current issue. First, it seems that the budget must be considered and that a fair amount of funds should be set aside to facilitate the betterment of the community each year. Giving back to the community is without a doubt a great contribution, ethically speaking; it is morally the right thing to do. With all the support and involvement needed to make a new business prosper, giving back is the least they could do. Socially, the practice of helping individuals in the community shows that it is not only important to help yourself, but to help those helping you. Lastly, helping your community is the ultimate form of environmental responsibility; giving back to your environment is the key

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