Essay about Team Leader Ilm Level 2

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Helen Griffiths L2034NW DY
AC 1.1
As team leader I am responsible for organising workloads on a daily basis to ensure DVLA office service targets are achieved. I prepare a rota on a weekly basis allocating staff to different duties depending on their experience and abilities. Workloads dictate which duties take priority.
I am responsible for the development of staff and support them to perform their roles. I conduct monthly one to one meetings and identify any training needs. I organise training, sourcing suitable courses from the internal Shared Service System where courses are listed, and from local colleges and local service providers to suit the training need.
I am the point of contact for staff when they are sick. I record and
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As a team leader I am authorised to perform within the limits of my job description. I am authorised to manage the workloads within the office and to feed collated information about the workloads to senior managers. When I identify available resource in the work force I will inform the Office Manager or Area Manager who are both authorised to contact other offices to arrange the export of work from one office to another. I would tell my Office Manager, in his absence I would either phone or email the Area Manager. They would identify an office on the State of Play System that was at risk of failing the service standard turnaround times. They would contact the office via phone or email and instruct them to post a specified workload securely to our office.
AC 1.4
A member of the team triggered a second stage sick warning. The DVLA has a sickness policy which outlines how many days a member of staff can take off sick before triggering a first and second stage sick warning. The warnings are triggered automatically on the Shared Service System where sickness is recorded, and as the team leader I am responsible for delivering the warnings to staff.
In this instance I believed that the team member did not warrant the second stage sick warning, due to the circumstances. He had been hospitalised and had two operations. He had returned to work

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