The Black Lives Matter Movement In The US

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Teaching your son to respect you, himself, and authority figures will play a major role in your son’s life as he enters into adulthood. There are way too many of our young men going to prison for drugs, robbery, or even murder. If your son doesn’t learn to respect you as his mother, he will certainly find it difficult to respect others in authoritative positions. I am truly disturbed when I see mothers and fathers applauding rude and disrespecting behaviors. I’ve seen parents post photos of their sons in sagging pants, fighting, or some other disturbing behavior but will be the same parents complaining about having to go to the child’s school multiple times for disruptive behavior. Nowadays mothers are too busy trying to be young themselves …show more content…
The movement campaigns against police brutality involving African Americans; it began in the wake of the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Florida Shooting death of African American teen Trayvon Martin. However there are number of African Americans who are pushing that the Black Lives Matter movement will also campaign against “Black on Black” crime that is rapidly destroying lives in their own neighborhoods. Our race has always dealt with racism and discrimination from the white race and we have fought together through the “Civils Right Movement” and will continue to fight. My concern is more for the crime that we inflict on each other within our own race, the dysfunction in our homes, and the lack of unity in our communities. Every time I turn on the television or social media, I have to listen to or read about a black child that was killed in the cross fire of a drive by shooting or black teen shooting another teen over some nonsense. In cases like these not only are there are two lives affected but there are a host of family members dealing with heartache from losing their son to death or life in prison. So why do we wait for one of these two occurrence to happen before we decide that we should’ve taken preventive measures earlier? Have we become too busy that we have left the responsibility of raising our children to the streets, the schools, the church, family, friends, or other programs? The pain of losing a child to death or prison has to be a terrible experience for any parent and I couldn’t imagine dealing with that type of

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