Essay on Teaching Students About The Real World

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Contrary to popular belief, school is more about teaching students about the real world than anything else. For years people have believed that in schools only teach math, reading, writing, history, etc. That if students got good grades, they’ll be fine in the real world. That they only need to learn the essentials. Though this is entirely false; there are a real-world reasons behind all the essays and tests that provides lasting benefits. The teachings of school help individual for years after they graduate, but students don’t know what those lessons are, how to apply them, or how they effect them in the long run. Over the years, a student will accumulate lessons and skills from school. It all starts from doing well in the classroom, “Students can get great reference letters simply by writing them themselves” (Denver Post 1). The better one does in school, the more likely it is a student can be recommended by their superiors. By showing initiative, students are also showing that they know what they are doing and that they can be worthy of the schools or jobs attention. Discipline is the greatest attribute of post-school life, “It is through discipline [students] inculcate and keep up other good qualities like punctuality and respect” (Akshintala 1). When a child is punished by his or her teachers or parents, the child begins ridiculing them. Although, as the student grows older, it is the discipline that their teachers and parents taught them that will allow…

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