Teaching Strategies For Student Students Essay

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In the 21 century, educators are faced with many issues affecting student learning and they have to implement new approaches to help students meet their needs and succeed in the classroom. For this reason, teachers must implement effective teaching strategies to engage students in their learning as well as develop new forms of teaching and strategies to meet the needs of a diverse, continually changing student population (McLaughlin & Talbert, 2006). In order to improve student learning, teachers need to make commitments to work as a team and discuss issues and concerns affecting students’ learning; therefore, creating a learning community in school will help resolve many issues and concerns affecting students’ learning. Creating a learning community where teachers and students learn to work as a team is actually what all schools need to increase student achievement because collaboration seems to be the key to success. Learning communities create a collaborative and supportive engagement among teachers, prompting educators to share their knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses (Laureate Education, 2008a). In this essay my “school-based team” will be presented as well as my school’s stage of development, insights of technical culture, professional norms, organizational policies, current status of the school and personal experiences supporting my analysis.
The “school-based team” in my school is composed of an administrator and a school colleague that will support my…

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