Teaching Service Delivery Model : What Is It? Essay

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Co- teaching service delivery model: what is it, what is good about it, what is bad about it and does it fit the needs of everybody? These are extremely important inquires to look into before stepping into the classroom with special needs children. First because as a teacher you need every tool in your corner to help make you a successful teacher and second to help the student has every opportunity to learn and be able to comprehend the lessons being taught.
What is co-teaching? Cook and Friend define it as, “two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse or blended group of students in a single physical space"(p2.) (Cook and Friend) What exactly does this look like? There are several ways that this can be done, one method is to split the class in half and each teacher take a half to teach the lesson; another is one teaches the lesson while the other walks around and assists the students who need help; and a third is both teacher contribute something to the lesson and both simultaneously teach the lesson. These are just a few options co-teaching can be used in the classroom there are other methods, it just depends on the teachers teaching style and how the students learn best.
What makes co-teaching a good fit for the classroom? Co-teaching can be beneficial for everybody. First, the teachers benefit because they would have varying tenure so they can learn from each other and their teaching methods. A second benefit is Special Need Students…

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