Essay about Teaching Learners And Non English Learners

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Research has shown that there is a major vocabulary gap between English Learners and non-English Learners. Several studies indicate math vocabulary to be an area of big concern. There are various strategies to help English Learners with this frustrating task. This action research project focuses on the use of a vocabulary strategy, using the Frayer Model, a graphic organizer, to help English Learners use and understand math vocabulary. The participants for this study are three third grade English Learners from a rural school in Southwest Georgia. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods will be used in the study. The three English Learners will be provided with five weeks of intensive math vocabulary study using the Frayer Model and an interactive daily journal. The effectiveness of these interventions will be measured in several ways. During the timeframe of this action research project, quantitative and qualitative data will be collected. The instruments used will include a pre and post vocabulary knowledge checklist, a pre and post math vocabulary test and a daily journal entry. This action research project could improve students’ math vocabulary understanding and the use of academic language. This action research project investigates the question: How does using the Frayer Model effect the improvement of math vocabulary for third grade EL students?

English language learners struggle with content literacy. The frustration my English…

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