Teaching, Giftedness, And Differentiation : A Reflection Essay

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Assimilation seems to be a word that most educators should avoid at all costs. The way that assimilation has been interpreted in education to date has caused problems in English language learning, special education, and education as a whole. I will stress again what I noted in my last reading response; teachers need to keep in mind how to teach, what to teach, and to whom we are teaching at all times. The article “Teaching, Giftedness, and Differentiation: A Reflection,” is about one teacher’s journey (and resistance) toward recognizing the need to consider in-depth the who, what, and how of her classroom. Every student that we come across as educators is different, and it is our job, as the educator in the room, to determine what each of those individuals needs to succeed, and to teach them to strive for it themselves. Lopez Kershen notes the differences in the journey that both she, as “accelerated” and her brother, as “behind,” had throughout their academic careers (p.69). Labeled or not, no one’s journey in life is the same; the sooner that educators recognize that this is true of students, the better. There is nothing more boring than a teacher who consistently approaches his or her classroom as the “sage on the stage,” but this is usually the first approach of new teachers (pg. 70). Students, especially adolescents, do not think that teachers are perfect. When a teacher presents him or herself as “all-knowing” students, especially adolescents, may feel…

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