What Is Cultural Diversity In Education

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This essay will discuss how are educational system has evolved over the centuries and developed a better understanding of what’s important for our current and future students to learn and take with them into their future lives. There is also discussion on the issues that teachers face which hinder and make it more difficult for them to be successful. We’ve come a long way and made immense progress, but there is and will remain an uphill better before we get things right.

After reading these last few chapters on cultural diversity, it has opened my eyes to the problems we have dealt with in the past and continue to do so today. In chapter five, it discussed two political areas in which we changed the outcome of education and
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According to Spring, “83.1 percent of teachers are white, only 55.5 percent of students are white” (Spring, 2016, p. 169). Based off these statistics, it’s quite obvious that this would lead to an issue in teachers being able focus their attention on expanding their student’s knowledge if the two of them aren’t able to understand one another. With the majority of students coming from a Hispanic/Latino descent, not all teachers or people going into the field will have a background in that language so perhaps, if the schools or districts would offer additional educational classes on learning more about these languages and the cultures from which they come from. Another way to help change the language barrier between teachers and students is by hiring more teachers who are of Hispanic/Latino and African American descent. Just as we have more and more students who are coming from various cultural backgrounds, we need teachers who fall within that same category. Many, if not almost all of individuals who are teachers believe that multicultural education is a must and it will help develop our student’s knowledge about the world and society around them. By solving the language barrier, it further shows that we are continuing to respect all cultures and the individuals from those cultures, along with preparing our student’s for the

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