The Influence Of Title IX: Life Changing 37 Words

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Title IX: Life-Changing 37 Words Although not seeming like a big deal at the time, the 37 plain and simple words that make up Title IX are words that would, in fact, change everything. However, whether that change is good or bad is up for interpretation. Title IX is a section of the Education Amendments passed on June 23, 1972 by President Richard M. Nixon. In short, this section prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. The purpose is to evade the use of federal money to aid sex discrimination in education programs and to provide individual citizens with an effective protection against those practices. Throughout the existence of Title IX, there have been parts of the population that …show more content…
With his passage, many doors were opened for women that weren’t previous to 1972. For example, Priest (2003) noticed, “In 1972, 44 percent of all bachelors ' degrees were earned by women, as compared to 57 percent in 2002. During that same period the number of women earning medical degrees increased from 9 to 43 percent”. Along with these changes in the workforce, women gained an edge in athletics as well, as women participation in sports, particularly high school and collegian, significantly improved after the passage of Title IX. From 1971 to 2001-2002, female High School Athletic participation increased from just 294,015 to a monstrous 2,806,99. In regards to sports at the college level, only roughly 16,000 women competed in sports previously, while in 2002 that number jumped up to an estimated 153,000 women. These numbers are important because they display the effects of Title IX for women in athletics and in the workforce. These are not just numbers because although they show the effects for women, they do not show the effects they have on women. For example, Chadband (2012) noted that along with the increased access to sports for women, Title IX also gives females an increase in self-confidence, as women who tend to be more active, have more confidence in themselves and are more outgoing. These changes not only can help women outside of the athletic world, as being more confident and outgoing but can also lead to greater business and educational

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