Teaching Curriculum Into The Education System Essay

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“One of the myths of creativity is that very few people are really creative,” said Ken Robinson. The educational system in the United States doesn’t allow students to develop their creativity. They focus on uniformity and standardization. The consequence of this schooling system is that it is draining people of their creative possibilities. In this system all students must have a certain amount of credits to graduate. Most of those credits being separate subjects and electives. Each class has standards and guidelines to follow to teach the students. Instead of standardizing each class they should personalize and customize the curriculum to meet the needs of each child. They can use some of those credits to expand creativity or a career choice. Incorporating career based curriculum into the education system will help students open their minds to different possibilities. Having classes of different careers gives students the option to learn about each available career option. Not only will students be graduating with more than just a high school diploma, it will help students find a career faster. Broward County public high schools should incorporate career based curriculum into standard schedules because it will broaden the mind of students and enhance their educational creativity.
Imagine a world where people are systematically chosen for a specific task. Each person is raised to do that one thing, not having that personal freedom that we have in today’s world. This may be…

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